Founder's Note
Founder's Note

"While practicing as a Chartered Accountant, I realized how small firms even big corporates faced challenges of getting trained/professional manpower. Even in a city like Pune, where plenty of job opportunities in finance and accounting field are available till, I found plenty of young graduates struggling to land a job. It sank into me that Education should not be just theoretical knowledge but the application of knowledge i.e. Getting theoretical information has no value until students will apply it into practice. More focus should be on applied usage of your theoretical concepts in a practical way.

Hence keeping with this in Mind, I with Deshmukh Sir founded RD’s Institute of accounts & Taxation in year 2017.

With a focus on application-oriented courses on subjects ranging from Basic Accounting to Finalization, Finance and Direct / Indirect Taxation to computers and Digital Commerce, I take great pride in saying that we have successfully made a difference in lives of 1000+ youth." 

The job training courses offered by RD’s INSTITUTE emphasize adequately on practical knowledge to bring smiles to the employers as well as the candidates seeking a job after studying at RD’s INSTITUTE.

- CA Rajendra Dangi

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