What Is The Truth About A Career In Accounting & Taxation?
What Is The Truth About A Career In
Accounting & Taxation?

Accounting is an inseparable part of every business. Though the accounting and its popularity are known to all, many people still have apprehension regarding the career in accounting. The common question that comes into the mind of the students, parents and professionals while deciding the career path is whether accounting is a good career or not. The simple answer to this question is yes!

Accounting  & Taxation is part of every business, nonprofit or government organization. It's a highly regarded profession, with job security, opportunities for advancement and a low unemployment rate. You can work as an auditor, bookkeeper, tax accountant, financial analyst, controller, accounting manager — you name it.

Almost half of the 2,600 finance and accounting professionals who responded to a CA. Rajendra Dangi during survey said they pursued this field because they liked the nature of the work and job duties after getting Proper Practical Training. They also said, Without Practical skills you will not get job satisfaction & you will feel boring work.

So, after keeping in Mind the Importance of Practical Training we at RD’s Institute of Accounts & Taxation have been providing our students with special facilities like up to date computer laboratory, proposed complete library with almost all the best books in commerce and extra-curricular knowledge and information, Proposed spacious room for meditation and yoga at our campus which is at J M Road, Pune which is a prime location and easy to access.

Other than resources, we provide many Skill Development facilities, Interview Skill Development practices, Soft Skills Development and other small things like English improvement, the motivation for public speaking etc. our accounting courses in Pune are linked with these extra-curricular activities which make a student a complete knowledgeable person together with skills for the future in commerce field.

We don’t just provide theoretical and practical knowledge in commerce to the students but we develop them from their core, which in turn prepares them for the future. We include all the new reforms of the economic and commerce sector in our education, which gives students a deep and thorough knowledge about the new things happening in the commerce field.

Mr. Jagdish Deshmukh Sir, CA Rajendra Dangi sir, Mrs. Sandhya Mam the founder of RD’s Institute of Accounts & Taxation is always ready to motivate students for future challenges. They are the pillar of this institute and always ready to deliver more than excellence in this field.

To know more about the Institute, please visit our website at www.rdsinstitute.in or just call at +91 703 0000 303. One of our education consultants will provide you all the information about courses and guide you through our approach in commerce education.

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