Why Rd’s Institute Of Accounts & Taxation
Why Rd’s Institute Of Accounts &

When Discussion with a Tax Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Many Companies and Individual snot only  want someone to do finalization of Accounting, process their tax returns, but  someone who can advise them on year-round tax planning. Planning activities for  tax purposes intersect with general financial planning. It's important to have  a holistic understanding of the consequences your recommendations will make on the business as a whole.

We at RD’s Institute of Accounts & Taxation make sure that  every student gets a strong concept-based knowledge as well assoft skills  training as per latest trends in the industry. Students are prepared not only  to face the interview but also the real-life challenges of corporate world.


Below are the reasons one should consider to join RD’s Institute of Accounts & Taxation –

100%Practical Training

Theoretical knowledge will give you grades but practical knowledge teaches you a lot and,in our courses, more weightage is given to the practical work. RD’s Institute program formulates the students for the upcoming challenges and   obstructions in the corporate world. It doesn’t contain the only classroom  teaching, but a lot of exposure to the real world. During your tenure at  institute, you will be in direct touch with the faculty that belong to the   industry leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals with key positions.

100% job guarantee

We assure 100% job guarantee on stamp paper as it’s our responsibility to make you employable. You are a responsibility of RD’s Institute of  Accounts & Taxation until you don’t get a good job. There are  many top MNCs in which our students are working on higher-level positions. At  the same it is your responsibility as well to work hard to become successful in   your career.

Experience & Expert CA Faculties

The  world is changing at such a fast pace that it is necessary for the  professionals to keep up with the current trends to grow with the organization. The course at RD’s Institute of Accounts & Taxation allows you to learn and implement new and latest concepts related to Accounts/Tax/ finance.The curriculum is updated frequently as to meet the changing business trends. Unlike traditional MBA our  syllabus is designed per the latest industry needs. Hence to give an updated  knowledge to the student faculty must be a Professional. We are happy to  tell you at RD’s Institute of Accounts & Taxation faculties are professionals, CA’s & having a huge experience in the area of Accounting& Taxation.

Updated Syllabus  than any other Institute

The course syllabus is 100% updated and industry integrated. A student pursuing a course  will get the knowledge of updated accounting, Taxes and finance curriculums. 

Improving  Communication skills

A student pursuing a course will get the knowledge of updated accounting, Taxes and finance curriculums. but they will be also be trained in soft skills as part of our industry-oriented courses.

Soft skills like spoken English, literature, body language, communication skills are automatically injected while training our students for finance and commerce  related study programs.

In Summary

The students at RD’s Institute of Accounts & Taxation are  comprised  of  both kind of students, one who are Brilliant in their previous  academics and others who have failed in B.com, nevertheless each one of them  has achieved success in career. We strongly believe that, every student has a potential to achieve their dreams and we provide them a platform to nurture it and make them achieve their dream.So, step ahead and catch your dreams now! & Contact us 703 0000 303

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